They sure do produce over their quota of blue-eyed soul singers. Here's another: Curtis Salgado. Got a newish one that's a blast--Soul Shot. Long-time soulman who plays some bad-a$$ harp and write songs with staying power too. With Robert Cray from the jump, fronted Roomful of Blues for 2 years, was the inspiration for The Blues Brothers, had his own band, the Stilettos, in the '90's, had a successful liver transplant in '06--the very definition of a survivor. His Wiki: His Site: << currently touring Europe to great acclaim. His Discog: << Every one a winner--pay no attention to that '01 disc rating--it reviews much better. I was keyed on this by Ron Weinstock's blog:

The meat of the matter: << extended intro << fronting one terrific band, Southern Hospitality (q.v.)
BONUS: full 1-1/2 hour show: