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Thread: If you like hot '50's jazz with singers...

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    Default If you like hot '50's jazz with singers...

    ...then you will groove to this piece, a compilation disc of trumpeter Clifford Brown * with 4 of the best female singers of the '50's. Courtesy of Ron Weinstock's blog, here's a review of a marvelous 3-CD set of this guy w/ drummer Max Roach in all-star settings: << available at the Usual Suspect for a steep price (and one of those weird situations when used copies sell for almost 2X the new price). That's Canadian Maynard Ferguson playing those crazy high notes. Review of 1 of the included Dinah Washington discs:
    BONUS: The Dinah Jams disc complete: << not sure if this is from the re-mastered set I'm pimpin'

    * Tragic story here--Mr. Brown was killed in a car crash at age 25. We lost a beastly good player/composer that night.
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