I love the guitar solos of the band Between the Buried and Me my favorites are listed

1. Selkies the Endless Obsession
2. Ants of the Sky
3. Ad a Dglgmut
4. Mordecai
5. Foam Born (The Backtrack)
Sun of Nothing, White Walls, Aspirations and any guitar solo before the Great Misdirect.

I love Parallax and the Great Misdirect, but they don't have those tasteful guitar solos that I love in the past. They have a new album coming up in 2015, but I don't think they will bring those fantastic guitar solos back. Ever Since Paul Waggoner lengthened his hair, his guitar solos sounds bluesy, random, and lazy.

The question is why? Why doesn't he make guitar solos like in Alaska and Colors anymore?