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Thread: A future for country music

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    Default A future for country music

    Maddie & Tae 2 young women who had a good song with an hilarious vid:
    But don't dismiss them as 1-joke wonders; solid writing in their other songs--and they are only in their teens. Their Site:

    Give a listen: folk/country/rock/'grass with solid playing behind them << They may help re-define what country music is--no "pop music with a twang" here << Minimalist version...and it works so well << sweet ditty << Eventually, each will go the meantime luxuriate in harmony

    One of the commenters called them "trailblazers", leading to greater success for Maggie Rose, Katie Armiger, RaeLynn and Kacey Musgraves (who's been mentioned with praise here). We need more strong, career-self-directing women in country yes we do.
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