Hello, i have a little problem, because i try found song, before i found this in one video but later was deleted in yt, maybe you can help

this song is a metal (heavy/dark/death) is was probably created before 2009 year. the instrumental what i rembember is a guitar (maybe electronic) and instrumental similar to piano medium-low tones in this "piano" vocalist use sometime growling, and i hear maybe ..... you... die? (or similar)

and the begining music is 6-8 second of this "piano" sound then play the guiter or drums (sorry for bad memory) and vocal..
there is the scheme (in video (where was deleted) is a cut song)

[6-8 "piano"] [guitar/drums 1.5 s (around)] [sing 1s (around)][guitar 1.5s (around)] [sing 1s(around)] [guitar 1s(around)] [sing 1s ( you.... die? (or similar (around)))] [guitar 1s(around)] [sing 1s (around)] ["piano" some seconds...]..............

PS. I not good speak english. thanks.