Tough to place Mr. Jeffreys in a category because he blends so many elements of his roots so well. 1/2 African-American, 1/2 Puerto Rican, and does rock'n'roll--hence, "All-American". He's been making great music for 40+ years though at a measured pace, and 2 of his works were only released in Europe where he's seen as a demi-god, an avatar of the best of the U.S. Frequently socio-political and draws from his own life and surroundings for inspiration. Very individual voice. He's enjoying a late-career resurgence that's just marvelous to behold...and he's no hide-away artist either--plays in the NYC area frequently and has a short UK tour coming up. And another thing: he's ensured that his latest 2 pieces are available on vinyl. Here's a Wiki: and his Site with a bunch of nifty vids: His discog: << Even his weakest disc (30 years ago) would be a career-definer for most other artists--he's that good. << the mutual love he and Lou Reed have is shown...and in the next song too << playing at a house party << from 37 years ago--sounds like it could have come out yesterday << Interesting comments by the uploader << From a newer disc