Mr. Kuhr was the accordion's best ambassador--played it, wrote songs for it, produced 2 good groups (and founded and conducted one of them) ...and owned a store in NYC that was the meeting place for squeezebox enthusiasts (The Main Squeeze). NYTimes obit: << a real fine man, by all accounts. The orchestras he lead: Last of the International Playboys and Main Squeeze Orchestra. LIP took what could have been some real cheessy music and made something of it; MSO was a 14-woman all-accordion ork that does wonderful stuff.
Review of LIP's first: MSO has no releases listed but here's the Site: << I hope somebody steps up and continues this fine ork

Mr. Kuhr (sometimes spelt Kuehr): << a charming short vid of Mr. Kuhr demo'ing some accordions, showing differences.
Both LIP and MSO have been poorly served by their fans in terms of YT video. There may be unbeknownst legal stuff but the following is all I could find...and with LIP, that's zero.
So, MSO: << Joy Division fans may want to bypass...or maybe not. << 14 women so 14 different reasons they were drawn to the accordion...I'm glad they found it.