Forward versions of songs tell stories not only in terms of their lyrics, but also in their tone (mood) as well as their melodies. However, reversed songs also tell stories as well. But since the reversed lyrics cannot tell any stories since they are gibberish, then it would be the reversed melodies and the tone (mood) of the singer's voices as well as the tone (mood) of the instruments. The reversed melodies and instruments are not "gibberish" like the lyrics are because as long as the notes have a rhythm and everything else, then they can convey emotions (stories).

Therefore, I have reversed some songs, tried my very best to decipher their conveyed emotions, and have presented their stories and chosen clips in my videos on youtube. I reverse songs, interpret their conveyed feelings, and apply that to certain scenes, characters, and environments. Reversed songs can actually be considered whole new songs entirely in which you can look at them and listen to them as though they are normal forward songs that tell a story (a story that is actually forward and not reversed). If the feel is deciphered just right, then that feel can get across to many people just like how the creators of certain types of music interpret the feel of their own created music and convey that feel just right through choosing the right characters, environments, etc. Therefore, I intend to get my deciphered feelings just right in such a way that also gets across to many people through choosing the right scenes, characters, and environments to go with reversed music. I have to get it just right like how the creators of their music convey their feelings in their music just right through choosing the right characters, scenes, and environments. Otherwise, it just won't work.

My goal is to reinvent many types of music by reversing them and deciphering their conveyed feelings and reapplying them as character themes, environment themes, and themes for scenes. There are certain types of reversed music that do convey definite distinct emotion that is unmistakable while others are much more subtle and hard to make out. However, I have did my best and I will present my youtube videos of these reversed songs here with their explained stories and clips. Reversing music offers a whole new perception and a whole new way of telling stories and looking at your favorite types of music.

Here is my first video which is the song "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar reversed. The conveyed feeling that I describe in this reversed song is unmistakable and I clearly get this feeling from this reversed song every time I listen to it and it is completely distinct. It is a feeling of dramatic intense horror. Therefore, here is the story version of this reversed song in which I explain all the individual events in different parts of this reversed song that are conveyed:

Here is the clip (amv) version of this reversed song which is just a brief example of my story for this song:

Here is a theme for Inuyasha in his demon form which would be the reversed song "Oh" by Ciara:

Here is the story version of "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf reversed:

The sung story version:

The instrumental clip (amv) version:

The sung clip (amv) version:

Now here is "What Dreams are Made of" by Hilary Duff reversed:

Here is a reversed portion of "Shine" by Collective Soul reversed:

Here is a reversed portion of the song "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac reversed:

Here is the song "Hit the Floor" by Linkin Park reversed:

Now here is a song I put together from portions of other songs to convey an awesome powerful destructive gothic feel:

Finally, here is one more song which is a song I have actually composed for the anime Inuyasha:

In conclusion, I will post more deciphered reversed songs and their associated stories and/or clips when I get the chance.