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Thread: MARK RONSON featuring BRUNO MARS "uptown funk"

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    Default MARK RONSON featuring BRUNO MARS "uptown funk"

    MARK RONSON featuring:BRUNO MARS "uptown funk"

    its been out a feww weeks here spending four or so weeks at #1 already
    and has done the same in the UK....
    awesome stuff from Bruno IMO....
    the guy moves so naturally in his videos and on stage...and dare i say it,
    as natural and effortlessly as Michael Jackson...
    he has a cool easy flowing soul about his vocals also and this track is as good
    as anything he has done on his two solo albums so far,that said, im not sure if this one
    will feature on a Ronson album or a Bruno album...
    song is very funky(as the title suggests) and im sure that funk music's
    Godfather James Brown would be impressed with this track...

    cool stuff that thoroughly deserves its #1 position on the charts and proves once
    again that Bruno is "the real deal" and not some passing fad in the music industry.

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    made it to #1 here this week
    well deserved
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