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    Hey all, new here. I suppose the Film/TV/Stage is an ok place to post about 'epic music' as it is used in some scores for movies and tv commercials, etc. Just hoping someone could help me find more music that sounds similar to the song Paradise Awaits by Killer Tracks. I love the 'asian' or 'eastern' sounding (for lack of a better term) elements in the song and would love to find more music like this track! If you know of anything like it or come across such as this, please let me know! I guess what I'm searching for might be called 'asian epic music'? I don't really know how to classify it hahaha

    Thanks for your help!

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    You could try listening to Kitaro - he has a large catalogue of work that you can explore. I suggest starting with Silk Road which was composed for the documentary series of the same name. Here's an excerpt -

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    Thanks Ruby, I appreciate your recommendation! I'll be sure to check out Kitaro

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    Ruby,Download all the youtube concert videos,you will really enjoy that :)
    Try once.

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    You might try Susumu Yokota, too... Here's a cool song:

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