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Thread: Long playlists with music suitable for school breaks (inst jazz, blues, twist...) ?

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    Default Long playlists with music suitable for school breaks (inst jazz, blues, twist...) ?

    I'm in charge of playing music during lesson breaks in my school, and I've been playing them some jazz piano "conversation" music, but I need things more lively because people have low tolerance for calm or negative sounding music (a minor scale, god save us!).

    I'm thinking about jazz band, jazzy blues, twist, kind of ballroom-like music, but without vocals, decent quality and not too demanding for the speakers (they're godddamn awful).

    Any recommendations appreciated :)!

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    Rather than recommending an artist or two, I'll point you to a record company. After a distinguished and productive career as a producer/A&R man for jazz labels, Creed Taylor founded a company that dealt in crossover jazz, music that was jazz but accessible to non-jazz fans. Some scorn at the time from hardcore jazzistas but they've stood the test of time and have come to be appreciated. Here's a Wiki with a list of their artists (most of which is freely and easily available on YouTube, etc.): << There should be plenty of material to satisfy your audience, even on primitive equipment--might even convert some folks into liking jazz. There are a few vocal records but the bulk is instrumental-only. Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, some of this stuff is pretty much perfect for this purpose, thanks a lot :)

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    Oh, I wish my school had such an opportunity to play songs during breaks!
    (I'm a teacher, actually)

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    Well, it is a lot of work and money to get something like that going in practice, even if the quality leaves a lot to desire.
    Not mentioning the music students could be playing, it's a miracle that the more or less right people are in charge of the equipment at our school ;)

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