Actually, that title is a misnomer--Mr. Hunter was born in Louisiana and built his career in Juarez, Mexico--but he darn sure as identifies as a Lone Star son. Didn't cut a serious album til he was 57 (1988) but broke out on top--check his write-ups, all by AMG ace reviewers: His bio--read the dues he paid to burnish his craft--it'd break a lesser man: What put me onto Mr. Hunter so strong (BTW, he's still living--83) is Ron Weinstock's review of a CD:
Blather finished so here's some tunes: << puts you right in the picture w/terrif pix << Git it, hit it, quit it--just like that << Aren't we lucky that the music flows all around those warm bodies in front of the camera and that self-important a$$hole on the phone? << Good to see a master getting his due after decades in the trenches << other good vids available from this gig--love the band
I leave you with this song: