Johnny "Guitar" Watson was a good mid-level Houston, TX, Bluesman in the '50's and '60's...then along came funk. Mr. Watson, unlike his contemporaries, embraced this new style, mastered it and became a very copied/sampled artist. They stayed on the sidelines, stayed in the clubs; he played the Big Houses. Ron Weinstock's blog article on JW's 2-CD anthology led me here: Wiki: << He was both the frontman/showman AND lead guitarist. Discog: << His comps should do you well; for a full taste of his late career show, check that Charly DVD: << about $14 new from the Usual Suspect.
Some tunes--early and late: << Quite right on piano too << Is this baddest version ever? He's entitled--he wrote it. << Talks it straight up--more true now than then, what with increasing economic inequality and all.

BONUS: concert in Germany in '77: << He always had a killer horn line