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Thread: KANYE WEST feat: PAUL McCARTNEY "only one"

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    Default KANYE WEST feat: PAUL McCARTNEY "only one"

    KANYE WEST featuring: Paul McCartney "ONLY ONE"

    who would have thought these two would collaborate....
    well they have...
    its pretty mucha piano ballad written by Kanye for his little baby...
    i cant hear Macca on vocals so i assume he is probably on keys.
    gotta admire Paul for always looking for new ways to try to reinvent
    himself...tkae the last couple of albums,"new" using guys like Mark Ronson
    to update his sound. and now working with
    Kanye, me personally, i think he has run out of ideas after fifty plus years
    and needs others to inject something into his music, but thats opinion.
    others probably see it differently.
    i dont like Kanye at all and Paul,well, ive really gone off the boil with his music
    over the last couple of years and i see no reason to entertain the thought
    of getting this one...
    who knows,Kanye is extremely popular and it just may get Macca his first #1
    hit in thirty years.
    i do not like it...

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    OMFG, that autotune though
    Peace; IMAO;

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    yep...autotuned to the max!

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    Maybe their next venture could be this duet:
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