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    No, not world music--it's too accessible, too close for that. 2 prime makers of this music of the Americas: Richard Bona and Bill O'Connell (with a big measure of help from Dave Valentin and Conrad Herwig).
    Richard Bona Explores Latin especially Cuban music's African roots though he's done a bunch of other stuff too: and Site:
    Here's a 25-minute concert convincer: << Charismatic man, gorgeous and dynamic music << More Afric-centric clip, getting the homefolks all happy << not necessarily bass as I know it but he's got total control of it. Total.
    BONUS: a full 1-1/4 hour concert:

    Bill O'Connell Veteran pianist and song-writer renowned for both hard bop and Latin jazz. His AMG bio: and Site: Recording since '78 under his name and a sideman to the best. Great new CD in '14 with the Latin Jazz All-Stars (Imagine)--he wrote all but 2 tunes on it. << a hard bop, not Latin, take on this, and an excerpt at that << I said "accessible", not "easily accessible" << These 2 masters laying it out for younger musicians << not just for musicians; this can help you with the listening experience
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