That splinter group being former lead guitarist--Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit,
DBT: Alternative country (which means a go-back to the times when a band [Black or White] playing rural venues played a little bit of everything--keep'm drinking, keep'm dancing was the order of the day). Site: 12 albums in 16 years, all highly rated. << Talking about the real ("The Dirty South") << some pithy comments << classic lyric--"It's getting hard to find a place to root for sin..." << subtle, aren't they?

SEMI-BONUS: The 2 leads and songwriters in a radio interview/perf: << two others available on YouTube

Jason Isbell No heavy-duty split, just a desire to have his own sound and band. He succeeded. and
His tunes: << very important show if your "garden" is 500 acres and you are tired of suffering rodents
BONUS: Full show from Moulton, Alabama:

There's quality and then there's quantity--rarely the twain shall meet...