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Thread: 2 great Alt-country/alt-R&R/alt-Blues outfits

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    Default 2 great Alt-country/alt-R&R/alt-Blues outfits

    Both these bands are sui generis in their own way but decidedly outside of the mainstream on the same side of the fence: the Bottle Rockets and Uncle Tupelo.
    The Bottle Rockets As Mid-America as it gets (St. Louis, where all of America comes together or flows through.). They are smart w/o shoving that in your face, they are as tuneful as can be in whatever genre the song is or whatever blending of elements, and, having heard some interviews with'm, righteous blokes you'd like to spend time with, music or not (and this mos' def' includes the women here on the Board). Here's the Wiki: << read that last sentence--that's some strong company to be included with. They came out of the chute storming in '93, stumbled in the late '90's but since '01 (a superior tribute album to Doug [Sir Douglas] Sahm) have consistently pleased critics and fans alike. Don't forget they are essentially a bar band writ large, so if you get the opportunity to see them...: << currently touring, doing selected dates with Marshall Crenshaw << tough early song by them << ditto << Love this song--it rocks and is so true << this puts you in the picture as well as Robert Cray's best do << fun song here...or is it? Metaphors and all that...
    SEMI-BONUS: a recent TV studio interview/appearance

    Uncle Tupelo Giant in the '90's alt-everything movement. One quality measure of an eclectic group (many elements, many different talent sources combined) is the quality of the aftermath, the split-offs, the side-bars they produce (see: Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead). And so it is with UT: Wilco (Jeff Tweedy et al.) and Son Volt (Jay Farrar). UT itself only existed for 4 or so years but did a bunch in that limited time and are a strong influence still:
    4 albums in 3+ years: << all killer, no filler << It's named after a Missouri town on a big bend of the Mississippi River << kinda muddy vid...sorry abou that.
    BONUS: Full 1-1/2 hour concert in '94:

    2 by Wilco: (from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) and
    2 by Son Volt: and
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    Both these bands are awesome - and I'd been meaning to listen to the Bottle Rockets again, thanks for reminding me!

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