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Thread: Howdie Folks!

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    Talking Howdie Folks!

    Hey there, i'm a newbie if you hadn't guessed already and i just want to say a big helloooo to all you music lovers out there.

    I am a singer who is currently with an electronic act from the UK. We've toured the States a couple of times and i love being on the road.

    I love all kinds of music from dance to Jazz, rock to blues and folk to punk. The only think i'm not to keen on is Rap, though some French rap is awesome, it's all music though, so it's all good!

    My fav's at the moments are:
    Neil Young
    The kills
    Kings of Leon
    Amy Lavere
    The beach boys
    Soul wax

    Would love to hear back from some of the Music discussion community, so please come and say hello

    Hayley Wasp xx

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    Hi Hayley (?!), & welcome to Music Discussion.

    Dead wasps are a very good thing in my opinion...

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    If you like Jazz and blues, you should say hello to Beach, our resident professional singer.

    Welcome to the site, hope to see you around the boards.
    With Regards...


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