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    I love Ron Weinstock's blog not just for the unknown artists he presents but also for the reminders of great artists that are little-known or little-remembered. Prime example: Jimmy McCracklin. Dynamic performer certainly but even more, one on the best writers in the Blues. Check this list of tunes he wrote or co-wrote, and how many times he was covered and by whom: << He's got a ton of good material still waiting to be covered. Died in '12 at 91; toured until he was 87.
    Here from the blog: << includes a 15-minute video chat w/Mr. McC. His wiki: His discog runs from 1961-1999 and all are top-notch:
    Some tunes done by him: << A fun, funky little piece << great pix of a Hudson Hornet w/ "Twin H Power" motorcar << More pix of this car--serious competitor on the early stock-car circuit << Starting about these years, Mr. McC started to put together some excellent small bands with hungry players, and came on, found his voice, as a song and music writer << Not cute, not R&Bsy--this is deep blues. << the thinking man's cheating song << a rollicking big band later-career version of one of his bigger hits >> He owned the club--clever merchandising, yes?

    SEMI-BONUS: Mr. McC in a later club gig with Ry Cooder sitting in:
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