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Thread: Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88's

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    Default Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88's

    If anybody has an idea as to why American Blues is so big in Turkey, please communicate--I have not a clue. But Mitch Woods sure does; here's a Ron Weinstock blog item: Mr. Woods been playing his blend of Blues'n'Boogie for a bunch of years--pleasing audiences and been a great training school too: His discog: << 10 CDs in 22 years His Site: << what I said... << The above revisited--I've sure enjoyed all the victuals he mentioned at one time or another << Featuring the 96-Y/O Pinetop Perkins. Asked his secret of longevity, he answered, "I like it here." Works for me. << Yes I did notice this clip is 4:20 long... << That NO thang << Uncle Mitch explains it all for you.

    He radiates on the 88's.
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