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Thread: Beatles Remasters Decision...

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    Default Beatles Remasters Decision...


    When the Beatles remastered albums are released soon, I face a difficult decision. I have some of the key Beatles albums, but after hearing how good the remastering was on the Love remix album, I feel the need to just get the whole bloody lot...

    The options are:

    - Buy the stereo box set at an extortionate cost

    - Buy the limited edition mono box set at an even more extortionate cost. The originals were mixed for mono, and the purist view is that these are the ones to get. Despite being a fair bit more expensive than the stereo version, this one contains three fewer albums (the late albums which were originally mixed in stereo aren't included.

    - Not to be such a sad, addicted collector, and just buy the individual stereo remasters that I want, avoiding the weaker discs.

    Unfortunately, the mono discs are only available in the box set

    What should I do ?? (and don't tell me The Beatles were rubbish, and that I shouldn't bother...)

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    When I do buy physical copies of albums, I tend toward the most rare edition possible, for some reason... Or at least the most "special" edition (i.e. the most expensive). I'd personally, if I had the cash, vie for the mono in that case.

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