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Thread: lossless downloading is dangerous

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    Default lossless downloading is dangerous

    As most lossless is done through torrent sites, it's dangerous in 2 ways: 1) Torrents are a main way malicious software is spread, and 2) you may be breaking copyrights and otherwise breaking local/national laws. It is also, unfortunately, the way to get the best-reproduction downloads. As long as you have the best anti-malware (and the latest updates) AND are aware of those laws & regs, rock on but remember: you are on your own and it makes the Wild West look like a kid's circus.. More on this--it's proffered as freely-available information only; how you use it is your biz and your biz only--I don't want to know.
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    Yes you are most of the lossless song is done through the torrent sites, you can use some other best website which provide best option and also helps to save bandwidth.

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