HI All, I have my first song out and Ive tried it out on Jango but the results haven't been that spectacular. Its got good reviews from the music industry and has been accepted by a song publisher but my targeting on Jango is all wrong. You have to select artists who you think you sound like but Im not really sure. Its catchy guitar pop with a bit of punk influence. But its not angsty enough to be played alongside MCR or Greenday etc. Trouble with Jango is that you have a list of multiple artists but it tends to just play one for the majority of the time.
Anyway, if anyone could give me some ideas on who they think some 'similar artists' could be for me-or if anyone else has had similarly frustrating experiences with Jango Id really appreciate the help. Oddly enough, I targeted Pink and Avril Lavigne fans on music xray and have a good fan conversion rate but on Jango I got played to a lot of Avril Lavigne fans and got nothing.

Anyway, the song his here: Its called 'Last Night'
Thanks ( :