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Thread: Political Correctness in Rock

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    Default Political Correctness in Rock

    A few recent discussions and one or two threads in this category got me to thinking...

    Do you think that rock, based on the blues, is about anger, betrayal, sexual tension, danger, rebellion, and so on, and thus is, by nature, politically incorrect if done correctly?

    If you consider some of the best rock songs of all time...I don't think the Stones' best material would be the same if it were about building healthy relationships based on love, mutual respect, and cozy bed and breakfast weekends.


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    This far down the line, Rock is a many-headed beast, and I think there's room for all sorts of subject matter.

    On the other hand, a bit of sleaze didn't hinder any of the bands that used it...

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    i think this is a great subject. alot of rock is politically incorrect... but on the other hand alot of my favorites aren't. alot of my favorites are about real life things that people are angered about. anger isn't political incorrectness. it's a way to fix problems. people usually get angry because something isn't right. i mean that's what politics are right? a bunch of old poeple yellin at eachother cause they're angry cause something is wrong. ................... and sex? everyone wants it. why not express your wants through music.
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    Yeah rock is pretty varied nowadays. Being PC though boring from my perspective is still an option for legitimate rock.

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