You don't get much more "alt Nashville" than Webb Wilder. That's because he speaks to the vagaries of the human heart from an honest non-city perspective (though city folk are invited in too). He's been making this music for 30+ years and has been a composer, syndicated show host and all-around promoter of Americana music, however you define it. Nothing dry or dusty about him or his music--it lives, it breathes, it's honest and direct, it speaks to me and you. "Roots music for the rockers and Rock music for the Roots crowd". AMG bio and discog: and
There are 2 Sites, one official; the other fan-based: and << good song and empathetic interview with this. << this from 25 years ago and not on some schlub or vanity label either << A great cover << A personal note from commenter #1 << John Hiatt meets Don Dixon--a stirring conjunction << I've smoked cigarettes for 55 years--this song has resonance... << I've sure been there...<< sorry this cuts off so abruptly.

BONUS 1: << gotta love this << some songs repeated below
BONUS 2: A 1-hr concert from '88: << a revitalizer for sure...because he believes in what he sings about--0% BS, hypocrisy or pandering