Hey everyone I am new here and I know that you probably get a lot of people coming on here begging for stuff and maybe I come off as crazy which I am but let me say this now. I would love to just talk about anything that pops into people's head and more. I do however want some help finding something that I lost. I love this song that has many mixes and accidently erased it. I don't have a backup copy of it and was hoping that someone could help me. I originally got the song from a friend who said they made the mix, turns out they lied. I have all the songs individually but the mix was what I loved. I spent three years listening to the songs and each time I loved it more and more. Please if anyone has the program Ares in any form I would be so happy if you could point me to a copy of set 3-2-1. If you could point me to it I would be so grateful and more, if you could also help me by taking the songs and mixing them for me once more I would probably love you even more, if you could teach me how to do that on the computer I would go crazy for you. ^_^