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    Hey guys:D
    Soo I am looking for some violin pieces for grade 4 or 5, but I do not want something popular like Mozart's or Beethoven's work, I want something that your teacher would give you, something like that:)
    I can do vibrato, I am comfortable with all 1st to 5th positions and can do 1st, 2nd and 3rd finger thrill (or however you spell it)
    It would be perfect if you can send me link of sheet music, but its not necessary
    Thank you:)

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    Have you had a look at Schumann's "Three Romances" for oboe (and piano)? They sound very well on a violin too, and I think Schumann himself sanctioned that (I am an oboist and one of my scores is headed "für Oboe oder Violine") - the oboe's range is more limited than the violin's, so they might be suitable for the level you are asking for.

    Good luck,


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