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Thread: Christmas Favourites?

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    Thumbs up Christmas Favourites?

    What album would you like to receive this Christmas?
    Or, what album has been newly released this month / last month that you just love?
    OR! What classic Christmas album are you pulling out again this year?

    I think for me, this past month my favourite (and most anticipated) album released has been the soundtrack to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!
    I'm that into unsigned music, I made a whole website about it!

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    This is a bit off the beaten track with regard to Xmas music, but every Christmas I haul out Mike Batt's 'Caravans' album. Don't know why I always choose that one but I do. North African influenced instrumental album. Also an album I take on my travels whenever I go someplace. It's leaving with me in a few hours.......BTW Happy Xmas to all you MD people.
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