Covered briefly here from a guitar perspective: ( on P.1, scroll down to near bottom). He was better known as a singer but he was much more than just performer--record label owner, manager, talent scout (Fontella Bass and Albert King have him to thank), all 'round Mr. Music. Here's a Wiki: << don't think he made it to here but you never know: << Love these Google Earth 3D maps
Even got a Website run by his copyright holder/record co./fans:
Now some tunes--BTW "Popular Little Milton Videos" goes 200 #s on YT. << his breakthrough song<< even on this early one, there's those horns... << released on his own label and << 2 from a Nashville syndicated TV show
Lovely, strong cover: and << According to AMG, this is a weak album. I disagree.

BONUS: full album--from a '69 club date << gutsy vocals, searing guitar and, natch, killer horns: