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Thread: Australian soul/jazz/R&B band releases sexy new music video

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    Cool Australian soul/jazz/R&B band releases sexy new music video

    Greetings soul fans from down under. If you are looking for some fresh new sounds and vision then check out this HOT new film clip from one of Australia's best soul/jazz ensembles. Drawing inspiration from the best in the genre from the 60s right through to present day, and showcasing some of the tightest musicians our country has to offer, you're sure to love Captain Dreamboat's signature sound. The film clip aims to bring imagery to match the lushness of the soundscape. ENJOY!

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    Very interesting stuff with a quirky vid. It took this live cut to sort out androgyny: << got that David Byrne-ish semi-quaver vocal vibe going on--very effective with this material.
    Excellent re-imagining of a pop song:
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