No argument that he was a repellent human being (didn't need that movie to show me that) but in this context, as a musician, song writer, talent scout, band leader, producer--he was wizard. It's easy to forget or turn away from how good he was. How wizard how early is shown in this compilation of early stuff, as reviewed by Ron Weinstock--this 4-CD set is for the dedicated fan or completist: Shorter coverage or career coverage comps are available. However this:
Some tunes ( only accidentally off that album ): << Talkin' 'bout a b-a-a-d ride >> <<This goes 30 minutes << He and Robin Williams competed in the Coke Snorting Championships for many years... << It was a nose-and-nose race. No winner; maybe 1 was just the least loser... << the last 25 minutes of that '02 live concert<< Ike Turner as I'd like to remember him