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Thread: Advice on Aural Test

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    I'm Grade 5 on the piano (ABRSM) and I'm wishing to skip Grade 6 and 7 and go straight to Grade 8.
    But I found the aural test was very had for me!
    Could you suggest some helpful aural training books/apps please? Thank you!

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    You could try to use the AURALBOOK app! It helped me pass my Grade7 ABRSM with Merit. It gives you live feedbacklike a music teacher was with you and is really easy to use.

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    This is tricky for pianists (indeed for other instrumentalists) rather than voice-students. There must be some interactive resources for you online, but just as a practical day-to-day thing, just play your triads and other chords on the piano and try pitching with the voice the intermediate notes. Develop from single chords to chord progressions (e.g. 6/4 to dominant 7th, diminished 7th to anything at all) and join a choir in which you have to sing an inner part.

    Good luck,


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