This London outfit really is an all-star group. Been making a hybridized music (a melding of Jamaican styles with jazz called skazz) for nearly 25 years, expanded to a big band in '99 and keeps getting better. Here's the Wiki: << The leader comes by it honestly--he's a nephew of Jamaican music monster, Ernest Ranglin. His and their Site: On their 4 albums in 20 years, they've played tunes from Wayne Shorter/Herbie Hancock all the way to a Motown CD.
Some tunes: << from the fledgling release, before they expanded the roster << From an album not released in the West (they were on a major Japanese label)--the Usual Suspect doesn't even have it and << from Vol.2 of this mystery series << They freakin' kill on this Herbie Hancock classic--what introduced me to them
And now fore some pure fun stuff:
3 cuts from a concert 8 years ago--more pop than jazz:

BONUS: Full concert a decade ago: