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Thread: A future for the Blues--Selwyn Birchwood

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    Default A future for the Blues--Selwyn Birchwood

    A traditionalist in style, plays powerfully but no bombast, mentored by and admired by that master of the lap steel, Mr. Sonny Rhodes. But here's the kicker: the lyrics he writes are literate but deliver strong points from a modern perspective and are descriptive, personal, not preachy (not always the case in Blues writing)--I like Robert Cray for the same reasons, though they are very different artists. << That sax player he uses is just the right touch << rock-solid rhythm gives him all the platform he needs << wring the tears from my heart, Brother--go ahead << gotta catch the sax break--just gotta << These kind of meetings-up and odd bits of business happen--gotta check out this Cruise one of these days << He's got a treasure in that sax and he knows it...thus gives him room

    BONUS: full set at a hot club--dig it:
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