Late-night, nasty, sloppy drunk Blues from guys that live it. Check your refinement at the door--with any luck, it'll still be there when you leave...if you leave.
Juke Joint Pimps A duo that is elemental as there is:
STRONG WARNING ON THE VID--Betty Page straightening her stockings and putting a skirt and top on: << damn wicked slide

Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers The late great Mr. Taylor achieved national success at the end of his career (familiar story?). One of the better slide players ever. << with Brewer Phillips getting all filthy dirty
BONUS: full album:

T-Bird and the Breaks Not in the same league as the above 2 but fun anyway--figure me to sneak in a horn band somewhere: and and and and << they call it chunk music--chunks of this, chunks of that....