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Thread: Some different Christmas albums...

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    Default Some different Christmas albums...

    ...Guaranteed to anger someone here--"How could they do that to this song??"
    Pre-electric Theremin-like sounds by The Singing Saw: Mr. Koster has a 6-part YT series explaining and playing. Here's part 1:
    Here's "The Mexican Elvis", El Vez, accompanied by The Lovely Elvettes, backed by the Memphis Mariachis: and and and of course
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Not 1 but 2 Christmas albums: and and and
    Los Straitjackets Totally wack appearance but deadly serious about the music: and and and
    Brave Combo Punk polka and whatever comes to their fevered imaginations--gotta love it: and and and and
    Asylum Street Spankers Now here's a quirky outfit for you--sometimes raunchy, so not to every taste: and << Not much available on YT (though the Usual Suspect has it). Here's a review:
    Klezmonauts Not exactly Christmas but surely of the season--Jesus was a Jew, after all, and never wanted to be anything else: and and and
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    We always want something new, specially songs of christmas. I love to heard the christmas songs, music is thing which works in everywhere and also for everyone. Most of the people like music, music gives us mental relief, specially christmas songs are heard at the christmas by many people.

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    Yes, i like that too...even the same songs in different versions, still can give me some new feelings about them.

    Merry Christmas!!!

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