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Thread: Anyone good with time signature?

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    Default Anyone good with time signature?

    Hello all,

    That sounds like the right place to ask, so here it is:

    I chose a song to recreate on my sequencer. I picked this Have A Cigar Pink Floyd song for various reasons, but I can't figure out the time signature.

    There are 2 precise segments I'm missing out on, first one is from 0:48 to 0:56, and second one from 1:48 to 1:56. The whole song is 4/4 but these segments.

    The way I'm counting this, I get 4/4 then 5/4 for the first segment, and 4/4 then 5/4, 5/4 for the second segment.

    Is this right?

    Thought I'd ask here. Always seems to be someone with the proper knowledge.


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    It changes to 5/4 -

    Have a look at the bottom of the sheet.
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    Its better that you work with the precise segment, I think you are song will recreate a good sequencer if your working with two precise segments.

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