This music wasn't a joke to the folks originally making it and enjoying it, and it wasn't a joke to the '60's revivallsts/updaters. Prominent were the Even Dozen Jug Band And Jim Kweskin's bands. It's not a joke when nearly all the original members get together for a triumphal tour 45-50 years later...and these had become prominent musicians with good careers. But don't forget please--it's supposed to be for rural fun, for folks who maybe had few resources, few sources to let the burden go for awhile but big hearts and desires to do so. Use what you got and be thankful that. To put you more in the picture: When this music was first popular, great swaths of America had no electricity yet. End of the grim and the facts--LET'S PARTY! << short bio; and as this vid makes clear, this was not a Black or White music but of whatever rural << check Bette Midler's version... << crap vid but the music's fine << love this one--sweet and courtly << this is why I said "...updaters" Sure works, doesn't it? << a later version...but if Mr. Kweskin is leading, it's still the"...Jug Band << she always had That Voice--it's gotten richer, deeper, more knowing but still...That Voice << a clip from that 50th Anniversary tour