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Thread: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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    Default Robert Randolph and the Family Band

    Here's a true and honest melding of influences--Blues and Gospel music. They come from the same place but different aspects of the heart and the soul--in the case of the Blues, a little bit of the loins too. Mr. Randolph runs a total show--band members trade off instruments to strut their stuff and shows get stopped dead if there's's not enough audience involvement--starting up again when folks get TheMessage and get moving/get singing--not some simple-a$$ soul clapping either. You don't leave his concerts unaffected...unless you leave horizontal--actually, I guess you were affected then too, weren't you? and << His sidemen know they are working with a legend--they play their a$$es off to keep up with and not embarrass themselves. << Like Jimi Hendrix's song? Check this... << If you have a way to "bump" the vocals, do so--they are weak << Lordy, do I love this song--turn it up to 11
    21 minutes of serious Big Fun: From Concert for Levon * Joe and Brother Robert getting all busy with it--what rock is all about... << see he's wearing a Philadelphia Phillies BB shirt--good man

    BONUS: Here's an hour concert in France recently:
    * The full concert seems not to be available, but plenty of perfs and plenty of pleasant surprises are on YT.
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    An excellent band, I have all of their releases and like every one of them

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