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Thread: Blues piano is in good hands with...

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    Default Blues piano is in good hands with...

    Arthur Migliazza Younger man with a longish history (pro since 13 years old). Ragtime, boogie-woogie, early Blues--what the rude call "whorehouse piano" and he covers them all well. 3 albums in a decade and out touring a lot. His site: << singing is serviceable, no more... <<...but when he focuses on the keys, he kills <<15-minute set << not just a solo artist << love that Reso sound--tasty slide too* << 17-minute cut-up clip << this clip introduced me to him

    ** Playing with the Robert Hill Band--they're worth a look too:
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    Good to know about blues piano with good hands. I love this songs which is given here. Really a great collections.

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