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    Marilyn Manson
    Killswitch Engage
    Bullet For My Valentine
    Cannibal Corpse
    Job For A Cowboy
    All That Remains
    God Forbid
    The Black Dahlia Murder

    I just went to Mayhem a couple days ago. Did anyone else happen to go? I wanted to see what others thought of the bands.

    One of the friends I went with strongly hated Manson and felt as though he was out of place. Killswitch was good for the crowd and got everyone to wake up and actually get involved. Job For A Cowboy (though not my favorite band) was my favorite show of the evening. Bullet was kind of a letdown. I'd seen them twice before and they really didn't do anything new for this third time. They did play a new song for us off of their unreleased record, and I was kind of disappointed. Trivium was another good one. I prefered them in this setting compared to when I saw them open for Slipknot. Slayer, of course, was awesome. However, they really didn't engage the crowd and I was kinda bummed out by that. Perhaps it's just because they already have such a large fanbase they didn't feel as though they needed to share anything else with us other than their music?

    Those were the main acts I caught. Anyone else have input?
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    I went to the Camden show and it was awesome. i didnt really pay attention to the bands on the Hot Topic stage but Trivium was probably one of the best of the day. ATR sounded horrible, idk what was wrong. BFMV was a good opener and i agree about KsE, they really got the crowd pumped. And then there was slayer, they killed. They cut into Manson's time by playing Raining Blood when they were supposed to get off and wen they finished a quarter of the crowd left. Manson just bitched about journalists and whether or not it was camden or philly and his performance was not that great.

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