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Thread: Who else LOVES PANDORA??

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    Default Who else LOVES PANDORA??

    I am ALWAYS on pandora lately, on my computer and on my phone haha I am seriously so obsessed with it! I've discovered so many good artists from it, which is the number one reason I love it so much. The last one I found was Kate Earl and man this girl can sing. I keep watching the video of "Melody" on her myspace. Shes playing the piano and singing live. Definitely shows how talented she is. Has anyone else heard of her? What do you think about her?

    Kate Earl bei MySpace Music - Kostenlos MP3s anhören, Bilder & Musikvideos ansehen

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    i know this is spamm, but i will say that pandora is the ish.....the only drawback is that you cant fast forward through all the songs u want

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    i wish it would have been created earlier haha

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    At work I listen to Pandora at all times until I use my 40 hours at least. When that happens I just scoot to lol.

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    Default I listen to a lot

    I subscribe to Pandora for the $36 a year it costs to avoid the ads and get unlimited listening.

    I've got a bunch of different stations for the music I like and want to hear again and six "test" stations where I listen to everything I can from a particular artist. My test stations only have songs thumbed down and a seed artist to keep me getting new music on them.

    I've been listening to since 2006 and I'd say almost all of my music purchases have come from groups I've heard on It's a fantastic resource for me.

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    I just recently discovered Pandora and think it's awesome. I listen to it mostly when I'm at work, but also have it on my laptop at home.

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