In the '60's-'70's, JB didn't run a solo show, he ran a revue with a bunch of different elements. One of these is allowing women singers 15-20 minutes to strut their stuff. These have been gathered in a 2-CD set called James Brown's Original Funky Divas: << Not all these songs or versions are from the discs--showcases for these women's talents
Yvonne Fair and and
Anna King Off her 1 independent album: and and
Vicki Anderson and << a funked-up feminist anthem...and I'm all with that-keeps me motivated to do right. and and
Marva Whitney then... and
recently.... (she died in '12 at 68) << does her bandleader's name sound like a nom du disc? and and
Lyn Collins << one of the most sampled songs ever, and hey, gents, listen closely.... and and