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Thread: 3 women rockers

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    Default 3 women rockers

    Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes Australia's current gift to us and thank you muchly, C-H << Carefully choreographed but good tune << Here's a "sweet spot" song

    The Living Sisters << Superior harmonies from this group << what I said...

    Is there such a thing as a visionary throwback? If so, check out Sallie Ford.

    SIDE NOTE: Don't know what's shakin' with the newly revived Vanguard records but all 3 of these plus Jerry Lee Lewis' newest were issued by them: This label was the bedrock back in the folk/blues days of the '60's--seem to have found their mojo (and fresh financing) again. Glad of it--a class outfit all the way with a back-catalog for days.
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    I am one of the music lover who loves the music with some nice singers it will become more interesting to hear the music. Some well known rockers are roll the ears by having some songs and music. I love the songs of little stars, it just blows the mind.

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