I'm searching for a music video performed by a lady with i guess shaggy and fuzzy hair and a man who plays a "lute" the instrument that people play in Luisiana you know it's like a guitar ...you can see this guitar like instrument all over the video
first they are in a car the guy plays the lute and the lady sing in rap style it's a realy coooool music video i'm searching half of my life for that
they perform in dark streets and there is a scene that wind blows some rounded dead grass across the street the type od grass u can only see in desert u know what i mean..
i guess the lady sing : whatch ( "what" in rap as whatch u gonna do)
i saw it in viva polska music channel i guess from poland
there is no other music video with this rap style performed by Lute instrument
this is a link u can see the tool they used in video : http://dorianmirth.com/instruments.htm
the lady perform in an angry mood u know rap style no laugh no joke just repeat some words with nice beat
the guy head is always down playing the lute (guitar like tool)