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Thread: Scarlette - Wasting My Love

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    Default Scarlette - Wasting My Love

    Just came across this really strong new dance singer.. Fans of Cascada, INFERNAL, Lady Gaga even.. You will want to check this out.

    There's a load of really strong remixes coming as well.. Check this out!

    Scarlette’s official debut EP album has been recorded in Paris and in the famous Dairy Studios of South London. Her debut EP "Alpha Female" has been influenced by EDM artist/producer Skrillex and Gwen Stefani from No Doubt and also an array of genres ranging from pop, electro, dubstep, indie-rock and also 80’s pop music. During July 2013, Scarlette’s song “Hard Rock Candy - CLX Remix” was nominated for the 2013 Hollywood Music & Media Awards in Los Angeles.

    Influences include; Gwen Stefani, Martina Sorbara (Dragonette), Skrillex, Ladyhawke, Marina & the Diamonds, Ladyhawke, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) & Andrea Corr

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    Yea man wicked release.. I think I prefer some of the harder remixes though

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    Never Heard about this songs, from here only I was going to listen songs of this album. Great to have this information over here.

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