Back in early 2004, the CMT station did their documentary series at the time named Inside Fame on Brad Paisley and at one point an early clip of Brad singing was shown and what I believe that I heard him sing right then was this line: "I moved out west with dreams as big as a wide open place." When I heard that come from him, I was like, "I have not heard that song in years!" My only problem is that I do not know the name of the song and I most definitely do not know who sings it. All that I remember is that it was a male who sang the song originally and sadly, what I heard Brad sing there is the only lyric of the song that I can remember. The way that he sang it is what made me remember it, but I can't remember the song name or who sang it first.

I want to say that I was like 7 or 8 years old when I first heard the song and that was back in the late 80s and early 90s, but that is the only other info that I can give you. If anyone here knows what song this is and who sings it, I would SO appreciate it if you would fill me in about it.

God bless you and Brad always!!!


P.S. No, it is not "Wide Open Spaces" from the Dixie Chicks. This song that I am speaking of was on the radio way before anyone knew who the Dixie Chicks were.