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Thread: Tell me about your favorite music

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    Electric Panda

    Default Tell me about your favorite music

    Hello everyone,

    22 year old college student at the University of Utah. Online community manager, music writer and panda fanatic.

    My musical spectrum starts at the Wu-Tang Clan and ends in the Grateful Dead. Wu-Tang is the basics of life, the fundamentals. The Dead are the limitless bounds to which creativity can achieve.

    With that being said.. I listen to a lot of Indie/Twee (Of Montreal, Belle & Sebastien).. but hell, just about everything. If it's groovy, if it has some funk, some spirit or some soul, I'm down.

    Whatchu got for me?

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    Hi Mr/Mrs Panda, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    Certainly with you on the Dead. Since I've only recently listened to one of their albums, try The Jesus & Mary Chain for size. Not for everyone, but this lot are one of my favourite bands. Try Darklands or Honey's Dead.

    Hope you enjoy the site...

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    Default me too.

    i first listened it. I am fun of listening to all music of Chet Atkins and Luther Vandross. Try to listen some of their songs.

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