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Thread: I want some more tracks

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    Default I want some more tracks

    I only have about 30 tracks that aren't metal that I like. I have about 70 metal tracks in my playlist.

    I have deadmau5 ghosts and stuff. Skrillex summit. Avicii levels, hey brother. Calvin harris so close, I need your love. Ellie goulding lights. Some chase and status. And a few drum and bass tracks.

    My problem is that most electronic music is just so repetitive and doesn't garner my hair to stand up or get goosebumps. All the tracks I have right now do that. I think people could be producing way better stuff they just don't.

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    Electronic music is repetitive because people dance to it in clubs and such. I personally don't mind, although it bugs the crap out of me when I make something repetitive.

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