Variety of folks, variety of styles--one thing in mind, to get your feet and/or body parts moving: << Tear it up, Ms. BD! >> Everybody's having fun/ With this hot one << kinda cheatin' on this--it's a Hammond...electronic piano Killer perf though If you like her verve, sass and style, she's got a ton on YT. << That crackling is annoying but nowt to do about it << something really different--did the Vicar know? Prolly rockin' quietly in the Vestry....Smiling broadly and thanking Jesus for the talent brought his way... << Let's never forget roller rink/ sports stadium music...Hammond isn't the only one--how about those Lowreys? << Hate to think how many organs were scrapped when those magnificent cathedrals of cinema from the '20's-'40's were torn down for multiplexes in the 'Burbs and cheesy office towers in city centrals. << amateur--probably; amateurish--no freakin' way << it's not the instrument, it's the player << to get the full effect, your sound level enhancement is encouraged--in plainspeak--TURN IT UP!